Every May and June—especially June—the editorial staff here at MM&M spends long hours putting together our annual Agency 100 issue, which we’ll release the second week in July. As the issue comes together, certain industry-wide trends start to come into focus. This year, it seems that recruiting and retention of top talent is a challenge faced by almost every agency on the list. Data lakes run deep this year. And it would appear that 2018 was a good year for revenue growth.

In preparing agency profiles, our writers ask leadership what creative work they’ve been most impressed by in the past year. And there are distinct trends there, too. Here are three of the campaigns most frequently mentioned by agency CEOs, directors and presidents. In other words, the work the industry’s leaders are talking about.

1. The Testicular Cancer Foundation’s Nad and Tad campaign: Patients and Purpose

Nad and Tad are hirsute animated testicles on a mission to encourage men to check themselves for testicular cancer. It’s gutsy, perhaps even ballsy work. And you’ll see it hanging over the urinals in the men’s rooms at Patients and Purposes’ New York City Office.

2. PhRMA’s Go Boldly campaign: VMLY&R

Pharma industry trade group The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America launched this campaign to try to improve the industry’s image among consumers and lawmakers by in part reminding them that pharma’s work saves and improves millions of lives. Has it worked? If Congressional hearings are any measure, the answer is a definite maybe.

3. The National Safety Council’s Prescribed to Death campaign: Energy BBDO

A multifaceted campaign that puts a literal face on the opioid crisis, the work here is stark, chilling and brutally effective. Spend some time with it.