Even successful actors can get sticker shock at the pharmacy counter.

For the latest ad promoting its pharmacy discount program, SingleCare brought in actor Martin Sheen. In the spot, Sheen’s rant about drug prices at the pharmacy goes viral.

“That’s larceny!” he exclaims upon seeing the cost of his medicine. “Something must be done to control prescription drug prices.”

People watching his “viral” rant on the news shake their heads. Even Sheen’s son, Charlie Sheen, makes an appearance, shouting “SingleCare, Dad!” at his television.

Ultimately, another customer gets through to Sheen at the pharmacy, telling him about the potential savings on medicine from SingleCare. Sheen is placated and the pharmacist chimes in, “I didn’t want to interrupt. It felt like a West Wing moment.”

SingleCare is a free program that partners with pharmacies to provide discount cards to members through its app. The company works with more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide.