DTC advertising keeps reinvigorating AZ’s Crestor. A few years ago, Crestor battled with Merck’s Vytorin and Pfizer’s Lipitor. The Vytorin campaign won the accolades while Lipitor dominated market share. But Crestor is still standing—and still driving business with DTC.

The campaign has, however, evolved. It picked up a white coat doctor presence that adds a halo of confidence if not righteousness. The campaign also recognizes the universality of dyslipidemia by showing everyday patients who might once have been considered “downscale.” A sports fanatic celebrates lower cholesterol numbers. Another sports fan gets bowled over. 

Now there’s a female iteration that combines “oh boy my numbers are down!” enthusiasm with an audio component that underscores and emphasizes the brand message. The audio reinforcement uses War’s ’70s “Low Rider,” a perfect song that hits the boomer target group (we see the patient dancing to the tune). And once the audience gets the “aha” reference to “low rider,” it’s a slam dunk, home run, touchdown, ace, strike, goal moment! 

The integrated campaign utilizes print, online and social to “Get Down with Crestor.” All in all, Crestor is relevant—again. Maybe next time we’ll see low-cholesterol breakdancing.


Deborah Dick-Rath is the president of Epic Proportions, a healthcare communications consultancy. Reach her at [email protected]