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At the start of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, Americans largely believed that the crisis would be a short-term one. Nearly a year later, the virus has claimed nearly 500,000 lives and cast a shadow on nearly every aspect of everyday life. To prepare you for medical marketing’s return to something approximating “normal,” MM+M presents its first – and, hopefully, its last – Recovery Issue.

The Rep Dilemma

Rep access was trending downward even before COVID shut down offices for months in certain parts of the country. Half a year later, little of that access has been restored. Marketers weigh in on what some are calling the end of the rep era, as well as on the tactics and strategies that have emerged in its wake.  

Health Media Report Card

Four months into the pandemic, MM+M asked a range of publishers and agency media people to weigh in on coronavirus coverage. We revisit the same leaders to see how their opinions and preferences have evolved over the course of the year.

Telehealth Seizes the Moment

Telehealth engagement was never going to remain at the elevated levels of April and May; even its most fervent boosters said so at the time. But after a drop when physician offices started reopening, telehealth usage has remained high. Is this is a sign of things to come?

Health Inequity

COVID exposed any number of cracks in the American health ecosystem, but none so large as the one separating the health haves and the have-nots. We look at the steps pharma has taken to ensure access – and the outsized role marketers have played in that effort.