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HCP engagement: Coin of the social realm

It’s been a year since MM&M first examined the COL (connected opinion leader) phenomenon, attempting to identify the most influential COLs in the ever-lively world of professional social media. In the last 12 months, the professional audience has only grown more selective of how it wishes to engage with industry, making these media-savvy physicians even more of a go-to group for pharmas wishing to connect with other clinicians.

In this cover feature, we interview Dr. Zubin Damania (aka ZDoggMD), arguably on the vanguard (based on reach and cachet) of this new wave of HCPs transforming themselves into stars by virtue of their lively social-media personas. Damania and the challengers to his throne share their thoughts on how to forge genuine engagement with medical professionals, how healthcare marketers need to adjust their approaches to account for this new and pivotal constituency, and why pharma needs to follow.

Data innovation: Pharma gets real with AI

Over the last 18 months, pharma marketers discussed the potential for using AI tactics (like machine learning and natural language processing) in theoretical terms: “Here’s what they could potentially do.” But now that such tactics have found their way into tens of marketing programs, companies are willing for the first time to show how they’ve been deployed to support drug launches, facilitate customer engagement and make information-sharing more efficient. In this feature, MM&M names names and shares results and learnings from the most successful efforts to date. 

Social determinants of health: Welcome to the social-ution

MM&M looks at the escalating trend among insurers and health systems to address the social determinants of health, as they roll out strategies to move care into their communities and beyond the doctor’s office to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Are social determinants the keys to unlocking the dream of a high-performance healthcare system? Can this social revolution help to plug pharma’s leaky, multi-billion-dollar adherence bucket?

Behavioral-based marketing: Pharma goes neuro

On some level, nearly every healthcare organization is attempting to do some type of behavioral-based marketing, whether it involves empathy, gamification, positive reinforcement or other techniques. Here, MM&M showcases the latest and most innovative campaigns that utilize technology in new and interesting ways (AR/VR and mixed reality, mobile games, voice recognition/Alexa and more), along with their neuroscience underpinnings.


MM&M asked readers about best practices for dealing with online trolls. We share the best strategies and advice.