Edie DeVine

SVP, U.S. director of medical and health technology at GCI Health

With two decades of healthcare communications experience under her belt, DeVine has developed countless campaigns for companies across a range of health-tech specialties, especially in the realm of medical devices. In her current role, she manages the comms effort for Robert Bosch Healthcare’s remote patient monitoring systems. The program included a well-regarded study, conducted jointly with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, designed to illustrate how health technologies can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Other current efforts spearheaded by DeVine and her team include work for Eccovia Solutions’ ClientTrack, a community care-management solution that connects social and government agencies that work with Medicaid recipients – homeless patients, foster children, battered women, and others – with regional health centers. She has also worked extensively on behalf of GCI Health’s health tech clients, including McKesson, The Doctors Company, and Archimedes. She’s the rare marcomms exec with therapeutic bona fides: Within the agency’s biotech and pharma practices, DeVine has designed programs for companies and brands in the disorder, oncology, infectious disease, inflammation, and cardiology sectors.