AbelsonTaylor debuted its new branding and corporate identity on Wednesday, reorienting around the notion of “Return on Imagination.”

The effort, spearheaded by an internal team led by SVP and group creative director Jody Van Swearingen, features an updated website and social media presence as well as the “Delivering a Return on Imagination” tagline. The new AT logo creates an upward-pointing arrow out of the letters ‘A’ and ‘T,’ but can also be viewed as an artist’s easel.  

“As David Ogilvy famously noted, the purpose of advertising is selling,” said agency president Jeff Berg in a statement. “That’s sometimes overshadowed in healthcare marketing because we have the privilege of bringing products to market that are truly life-changing and often lifesaving. Significant investment goes into patient education and advocacy and alliance building.”

“But advancing the success of our clients’ business interests, with imagination, accountability and all the newest tools at our disposal is a top priority at AbelsonTaylor and something that we do exceptionally well,” Berg continued in the statement. “It’s time to speak that simple and important truth and make it central to how we present ourselves to the industry.”