It’s time to get your entries in.

The first deadline for the Campaign US BIG Awards is approaching on Wednesday, August 11.

The BIG Awards celebrate creative excellence across verticals and media types, selecting the best work produced over the past year. 

This year, as we launch the BIG Awards in the U.S. for the first time, we’re doing it with a twist. We’ve invited a group of early career, diverse judges to help us evaluate the work and show us what the future of the industry believes great creative looks like. 

The industry is oversaturated with creative awards showcasing the same work. Creativity is changing for the better — becoming more diverse, democratized and global. Why not invite the future creative generation to help us shape the standards by which we evaluate it?

For too long, the same faces have judged and won creative awards. It’s not only stunting the industry’s diversity progress, but also plunging agencies into a sea of sameness. 

Submit for the awards here to have your work evaluated by this group of rising stars. 

Let’s celebrate creativity and get inspired for the future.