Havas Health & You announced a global partnership with Evermed, an HCP engagement company, Thursday morning to expand its content solutions for doctors and other clinical workers.

Through this collaboration, HH&Y will team with Evermed to refine digital strategies for healthcare clients, placing a particular emphasis on short form videos and other more immediate forms of content. 

HH&Y, a 2022 MM+M Agency 100 honoree, will also seek to integrate this content into a platform where doctors and other HCPs can access the material and personalize it based on a series of topics like clinical trials, advances in the health industry and care disparities.

“Having Evermed as a partner makes it simple for us to continue developing innovative solutions for our clients to meet the needs of the people they serve, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our work together changes the way we meet doctors where they are together,” Jeff Hoffman, Chief Development Officer and Partner at HH&Y, said in a statement.

Evermed CEO Bozidar Jovicevic echoed Hoffman’s point, adding that short-form video content authored by trusted experts that is readily available and delivered in a personalized way is how brands can make information more accessible and engaging for HCPs. Jovicevic said he is eager to team with HH&Y to scale up Evermed’s content offerings going forward.

“Doctors are consumers just like the rest of us,” he said. “They are used to consuming on-demand video content on global streaming services, which offer world class user experiences – and they expect the same level of personalization (powered by AI) and convenience when consuming medical content as well,”

This isn’t exactly uncharted territory for Evermed, as the company has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare-related content.

In April, Jovicevic spoke on the MM+M Podcast about teaming with Novartis to launch a three-year pilot of a Netflix-like video hub for engaging doctors and why the two organizations think the hub will satisfy doctors’ desire for personalized content.

HH&Y made the partnership with Evermed news public weeks after naming Paul Kinsella chief creative officer of HH&Y Europe.