medisafe covid app

Medisafe, a medication management platform, has teamed up with health information website Everyday Health to deliver COVID-19 content to its users.

The partnership brings Everyday Health’s condition-specific coronavirus content to the Medisafe app. The two companies are working to ensure that chronic disease sufferers are able to continue managing their health and medications and are staying informed during this pandemic.

“Inside Medisafe, we have a concept called the digital companion, so we took something already built and made it a coronavirus resource center,” Shor said. “We could float content that is at the intersection of a patient’s medications and condition, because we know what both the medication and condition are, and the coronavirus.”

The partnership began with a survey Medisafe conducted earlier this year, said CEO Omri Shor. The company asked its users about their coronavirus concerns. Through the survey, the Medisafe team learned that many patients were missing doctor’s appointments, were concerned about their risk for COVID-19 and wanted as much information as possible.

The app tailors the content to the user’s condition or medication. For example, If someone is tracking their diabetes medication with the Medisafe app, they will see diabetes-related coronavirus content in the digital companion.

The two companies first worked together on an Everyday Health series called Health Makers. That series profiled digital health companies and the entrepreneurs leading them, including a profile of Medisafe and Shor. 

Everyday Health was looking for new ways to engage with people with chronic conditions, and wanted to tap into different channels, like mobile, said Nan Kirsten Forte, EVP and general manager of Everyday Health Consumer.

The Everyday Health team recognized that a partnership with Medisafe would connect with that mobile audience and address patient needs like adherence without needing to build their own app. 

“We knew we couldn’t build an app as good as [Medisafe] had,” Forte said. “We spend every day reaching and engaging this [chronic disease] audience. We wanted to figure out a way to bring the app and awareness of it to our audience. For us, strategically, we wanted to be able to understand, in bringing the app to them, how we could create content that is even more specific to their need for chronic condition management.”

Medisafe also offers specific feedback and data to Everyday Health, which the media company uses to tweak or create new content more relevant to the app’s users.

“The content that’s really going to be most useful is certainly not the type of digital health content that is a basic encyclopedia on the disease,” Forte said. “Our ability to optimize content and create better or more content where there’s more need is the beginning of something beautiful. The more contextual, more specific our information is to your experience, whether that’s in the doctor’s office, pharmacy or at home, that’s where digital health content needs to be.”

The coronavirus content on the Medisafe app has already been performing well, Shor said. Those pieces saw almost 30% higher engagement compared to the app’s usual health content over the past two weeks, he said. The Medisafe app has 7 million registered users and hundreds of thousands of daily users.

“We want to improve the health of people and make better outcomes for the pharma industry and greater healthcare ecosystem,” Shor said. “A very important piece of that is giving patients the right information at the right time. That’s a very important component and it’s often missing in healthcare.”