From first-person testimonials about the industry’s treatment of individuals with mental illness to in-depth reporting on the therapies set to make it to market in the months ahead, MM+M published a wealth of forward-minded content during 2021. Here are some of the most popular and best received stories we published.

1. I am a medical marketing professional who suffers from mental illness

Jon Nelson, formerly president of GSW and currently president, ScriptLift at P\S\L Group, described his battle with mental illness — as well as the industry’s inconsistent treatment of individuals who need help.

2. Pipeline Report 2021

Therapies in the oncology, neurology and autoimmune disease pipelines could soon pose challenges to existing standards of care.

3. So you want to get bought? Get in line.

The pandemic spurred a M&A boom – but is the agency-acquisition trend a bubble waiting to burst?

4. The maze runners: patient navigators go mainstream

The cost-saving, outcome-improving and psyche-soothing benefits of patient navigators proved invaluable during the pandemic.

5. Marketing’s diversity problem – and why it’s about to get even worse

An overall shortfall of talent exacerbated the dearth of diversity in the healthcare marketing space.

6. Behind the evolution and launch of Digital Health Networks

One of the most ambitious health-first streaming plays to date, DHN debuted with a vast, diverse content library.