Patient engagement platform PatientPoint has launched Audience Builder, a precision-targeting tool designed to improve diversity in point-of-care marketing.

Audience Builder uses medical claims as the basis for its targeting. Doing so,the company believes, will boost the ability of pharma brand teams to reach more diverse populations.

Point-of-care marketing has long had a diversity problem, with office waiting rooms often filled with brochures or screens featuring all-white doctors and families. While there has been a concerted effort in recent years to end such practices, traditional census-based demographic targeting strategies still make assumptions about patients, PatientPoint noted in a statement, “and fall short of reaching every possible patient who could benefit from treatment.”

Through data linked to medical claims, Audience Builder tracks down locations within PatientPoint’s network of 140,000 healthcare providers, and shows patient populations that fit a certain demographic. This can help marketers more effectively and efficiently reach populations based on a variety of factors, including race, age, gender and household income.

“Audience Builder gives brands the opportunity to find, reach and engage every patient in a culturally appropriate way in the moments that matter most — creating real, meaningful connections, maximizing impact and driving better outcomes,” said PatientPoint chief product and strategy officer Andrew Schultz in the statement.

The launch of Audience Builder comes less than a year after PatientPoint scooped up Rendia, a point-of-care provider for eye care specialists, to expand its presence into ophthalmology and optometry. In the Rendia deal, PatientPoint acquired the company’s point-of-care engagement software that provides access to 8,000 eye care providers.

PatientPoint hopes Audience Builder can help marketers craft more culturally inclusive and relevant campaigns. The upside, the company argued, is more powerful brand impact: 80% of multicultural consumers said they had more positive experiences with brands that embraced targeted and diverse multicultural media, per the Audience Builder website.

“Audience Builder takes the power of the channel to new heights and helps brands expand reach to underserved patients,” said Publicis Health Media VP of point of care media Yesenia Bautista in a statement. “By investing in inclusive, relevant messaging to patients in diverse communities, brands can prove a meaningful commitment to better health for all.”