Pfizer is spending $1 billion to team up with Arvinas on its breast cancer program. The program is centered on ARV-471, an estrogen receptor-targeting protein degrader for breast cancer patients. (Endpoints News)

The Biden administration is funneling an additional $100 million to rural states battling rising COVID-19 infections in areas with low vaccination rates. The U.S. vaccination process has stalled at 68% of adults, but the rate remains lower in some southern states. (Politico)

Happify Health is launching prescription-only software to treat depression. The company’s new product, Ensemble, aims to treat major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. (STAT)

The U.S. Delta spike may peak in late August or September, according to Dr. Scott Gottlieb. Experts expect a small rise in infections as schools reopen in the fall. (CNBC Weekly)

Cases of breakthrough infections among vaccinated people are being identified more frequently, especially as restrictions loosen across the country. However, public health experts say they’re still uncommon and unlikely to result in hospitalization or death. (The New York Times)