Moderna asked the Food and Drug Administration to authorize its updated COVID-19 vaccine. The company noted it has new doses available to be shipped by September if it’s authorized. (The Wall Street Journal)

A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found Black and Hispanic people are bearing the brunt of monkeypox cases. Black people make up 26% of monkeypox cases, compared to 12% of the population, while Hispanic people make up 28% of cases compared to 19% of the population. (The Hill

First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for a ‘rebound’ COVID-19 case. After testing positive last week, Biden tested negative Sunday then tested positive again this week, though she reportedly isn’t experiencing any new symptoms. (Axios)

One Henry Ford doctor and the Trump White House tried to pressure the FDA into hydroxychloroquine use. Dr. William O’Neill, a Henry Food Health cardiologist and medical director, collaborated with Trump officials to pressure the FDA to reverse its stance on hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment, newly released documents show. (Detroit Free Press)

A new study found psilocybin shows promise for treating alcohol addiction. The psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms could be a promising treatment for alcohol use disorder. (STAT News)