Now that the Food and Drug Administration has authorized Pfizer’s vaccine for use in 12-to-16-year-olds, states are searching for ways to jump-start the effort. They include plans to provide vaccines at schools, pediatricians’ offices, parks and day camps. (The New York Times)

Some moderate House Democrats pushed back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing proposal. They pressed for measures that would “preserve our invaluable innovation ecosystem.” (Politico)

Telehealth companies are starting lobbying efforts in an attempt to preserve their COVID-19 boom. Companies like Teladoc are hoping to maintain changes that occurred during the pandemic, like loosened regulations around providing care in other states. (STAT)

A recent court filing suggests Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim may have destroyed emails and frustrated access to legal documents. The lawsuit involves over-the-counter heartburn drugs that have been linked to a substance that may cause cancer. (Endpoints News)

An experimental device has shown promise in helping a paralyzed man construct sentences on a computer screen through his thoughts. The new study, published in Nature, examines how to decode brain activity involved with handwriting. (NPR)