How do you use ad safety tech to help pharma clients feel comfortable with their ads appearing in non-endemic media?

Katelynn Mareno

Director of programmatic, client success manager,
eHealthcare Solutions

As pharma marketers adopt programmatic buying in the healthcare space, eHealthcare Solutions understands ad safety is a top priority. 
Our private exchange and marketplace, EHSX, is an invitation-only service where advertisers can run on our exclusive publisher network, ensuring they are appearing on the most appropriate content for their targeting. 
Built on the AppNexus platform, EHSX harnesses the power of its tools when targeting outside our network to ensure ad safety within a whitelist of health and health-related sites. 
This whitelist is available for review and approval by the advertiser in advance of campaign flight, with full transparency of where their ads will appear. 
For more protection, EHSX can layer in Moat verification. Advertisers can also choose to add any fourth-party verification tools, such as DoubleVerify or Integral Ad Science.

Anna Klayman
Group account director, digital,
Omnicom Media Group
Our programmatic buying is subject to multiple layers of ad verification so health brands can be confident with their media investment. 
All impressions are subject to a demand-side platform’s global firewall, which will flag and exclude any inventory unwilling to offer transparency into its traffic. We also partner directly with industry leading brand safety tech such as Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify. 
These partnerships allow us to create two extra layers of verification to determine when or where an ad will serve. Pre-bid filters ensure inventory and content align with the ad safety expectations of our health brands before an impression is served. 
Our partnerships provide us access to post-bid reporting analysis to monitor the efficacy of our filters and settings with confidence. With these layers of safety, programmatic dollars can steer clear of misaligned health content in real time.

Brian Byrne
Ad operations director,
Haymarket Media
We have a duty to our client and agency partners when offering programmatic solutions on endemic and non-endemic sites to provide brand-safe environments that push client objectives forward. 
The Haymarket Medical Network has aligned itself with carefully vetted programmatic partners and developed its own proprietary tech to ensure the most robust filtering and verification.
With our owned and operated sites, we’ve added internal filters that detect known bots, whether good or bad. We also scan our article content for words or phrases a client may not want to appear next to, and then determine if the campaign will serve. 
For non-endemic buys, if our programmatic partner deems an impression is generated by a bot or is otherwise “not safe,” our partner blocks the impression and any bids.
(Disclosure: Haymarket Medical Network and MM&M are both owned by Haymarket Media.)

Jason Luis
SVP, media and analytics strategy,
Giant Creative Strategy
As the push continues to-ward more accountability and efficiency, programmatic buying is becoming the norm. 
With the number of new vendors accelerating, we’ve added procedures to ensure brand safety. 
The first step is list matching. This ensures we hone in on our target audiences. 
In addition to the programmatic partner, we work with a number of tech partners to ensure ads are placed in brand-safe environments. We use partners who buy only premium validated inventory and filter the lists of potential publishers with white and black lists. 
On the back end, we automate metrics reporting, which enables us to quickly course correct when we notice data anomalies, such as traffic from bots.