Almost a year to the day after it unveiled an all-hands cover of Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now,” Klick Health has debuted “Get Vaxxed.” One part ode to vaccines and one part rallying cry for the remaining holdouts, the song was shared with the agency on Thursday morning in advance of Global Beatles Day.

Seventeen Klick staffers across the company’s Toronto, New York and Philadelphia offices contributed to the track, which was written and assembled virtually. In addition to the original song’s iconic Rhodes piano, the Klick cover features harmonica, drums and electric, acoustic and bass guitar.

The lyrics substitute “Get Vaxxed” for “Get Back” and reimagine Sweet Loretta Martin as an ICU nurse: “Sweet Loretta Martin started fighting COVID/stationed in the ICU/working day and night because it’s overloaded /knowing what the world must do.”