Bayer and Campbell Ewald 

This is Why We Science

Because much of the world still thinks of Bayer as a company that sells aspirin, the company knew changing perceptions would take a big push. It wants people to see it as a business committed to solving some of the world’s biggest problems, including climate change, hunger and deadly diseases.

It wanted to tap America’s respect for science. According to the Pew Research Center, 87% of U.S. consumers believe that science and technology will have an impact on making the world better. It decided to base its first brand campaign on that insight, using “science” as a verb to tell its story in an emotional and compelling way. And it wanted to amplify its mission: Science for a better life.

Judges commend its effort to turn the intricate work of scientists into an accessible and relatable attribute of the brand and company culture, bringing a classic advertising approach into the modern age.

Understanding that science can sometimes seem icy, Bayer wanted to communicate Bayer’s breadth and prominently feature agriculture, showing how it can improve humanity in helpful, compassionate and personal ways

Anthem spots show how Bayer brings science to life. Whether people are aging gracefully or screaming on roller coasters, ads highlight benefits in people’s lives as the reasons for “science.” Shorter spots focus on key areas of research. For example, Every Drop shows how a farmer’s use of Bayer digital tools helps grow crops and feed his family. 

The $40 million campaign hit its targets, boosting Bayer’s awareness among informed consumers, 18 to 64.