Biogen and CDM New York for Spinraza
Spinraza Multichannel Unlock Campaign

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare crippling neuromuscular disease that affects voluntary muscle movement and motor function. Biogen’s Spinraza would be the first treatment for the disease. Because there had been no treatment options and there was not a lot of data available in the final approved label, this campaign had to help audiences understand what Spinraza could offer children with SMA.

To accomplish this goal, the campaign centered on real patients and their experiences with Spinraza from the Phase II clinical trials. Print and digital assets, including beautiful videos, visually demonstrated ways in which Spinraza unlocked potential in kids suffering from SMA. For example, one little girl is shown moving with assistance in a tutu and ballet shoes. The tagline is “Unlock her inner star.” An agency representative noted the team was very careful to visually portray the benefits with realistic optimism.

“This is a remarkable campaign illustrating what benefits are possible with the drug,” said one judge.

All judges thought the creative work was outstanding. They described it as emotional, inspirational, gripping, real, uplifting, and heartwarming. Judges were also highly impressed by results, especially given there are only about 10,000 SMA patients in the U.S.

The campaign has generated more than 225,000 unique visits to the consumer website and nearly 75,000 unique visits to the HCP website since its October 2017 launch. The team also reported 483,449 website page views, 100,000 resource downloads, and more than 18,000 video views.


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Biogen and CDM New York for Spinraza
Spinraza Multichannel Unlock Campaign

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