TRM Oncology

TRM Oncology’s roster includes many of the world’s top pharma and biotech companies. Client testimonials reflected the tremendous value of the agency’s deep expertise spanning research, strategy, stakeholder engagement, medical publication, and digital and virtual platforms.

Judges described the agency as an oncology industry leader. “TRM has great scientific abilities and the staff to make it happen,” said one judge. “This level of expertise and depth is needed in oncology.”

All judges were impressed by TRM’s 56-person staff, who work out of offices in Atlanta and The Hague, Netherlands. Many of the employees came from pharma companies, biotechs, labs, or other clinical settings, and 16 of them have either an M.D. or Ph.D. Collectively, the 56 hail from 15 nations and speak 12 languages.

Outstanding recent work for top-10 pharma companies included a stakeholder engagement plan for a launch product for one client and an app that significantly increased the quality of investigator education for a global client.

The agency also delivered a medical affairs plan for a biotech company that expanded its key expert network by 75% and improved its data dissemination through publications by 80%.

TRM is committed to educating employees, clients, and prospects. Channels include proprietary clinical, scientific, and market reports, as well as social media outreach, an email series, and a popular POV blog covering medical and digital marketing trends, oncology insights, and more.


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