MannKind and Precisioneffect for Afrezza
Mealtime Moments

The Mealtime Moments spot is a whimsical and unique approach in the crowded diabetes category.

“It’s difficult to balance talking about pharma product benefits and risks while injecting humor,” said one judge. “This clever campaign hit the mark.”

A second judge agreed, noting the spot uses humor in a way that’s empathetic, which is unusual in pharma marketing.

The ad shows a brightly colored world in which tempting food unexpectedly, and somewhat magically, appears in front of people. For example, a plate of chicken flies in on a Frisbee to land on a picnic table in front of a couple, while a sandwich parachutes onto another couple’s blanket. The point is to show type 2 diabetes patients that MannKind’s inhaled insulin Afrezza can make it more manageable to enjoy unplanned meals.

One of the challenges was HCPs viewed inhaled insulin as providing a nominal patient convenience benefit, so Afrezza was niched as an alternative for needle-phobic patients. Also, while the product benefits extend beyond convenience, the team had to be careful about making bold, direct claims highlighting many of those benefits so as not to create challenges with medical and legal reviewers.

“We needed to develop a spot that would allow potential users to infer the real value of Afrezza,” said an agency rep.

Launched in July 2017, the spot garnered more than 110,000 online views in the first few weeks. Prescription sales increased from 3,838 in Q2 2017 to 4,875 in Q3, a 27% spike. It was also the highest sales number since early 2016.


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MannKind and Precisioneffect for Afrezza
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