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Jason grey

Creating the magic

Jason Kahner, president of Grey Group’s health and wellness practice, describes to MM&M’s Steve Madden the agency’s approach: cross-pollinating talent from across Grey’s global network to create “famously effective” campaigns and experiences.
Steve and Havas

MM&M catches up with Havas Health

Dennis Urbaniak and Robert Wainwright from Havas Health & You discuss building meaningful experiences for clients and patients with MM&M editor-in-chief Steve Madden.
will garner

Leveraging virtual and augmented reality in pharma marketing

VR and AR are game-changers for driving engagement between pharma brand sales reps and HCPs, and HCPs and their patients. Tune in as Tipping Point Media’s Will Garner discusses new advancements: VR escape rooms, AR “leave-behinds” and the company’s proprietary real-time tracking system.


Roundtable: Social centricity in oncology

Industry leaders discussed why a social-centric approach is especially important in oncology, particularly as it relates to health systems, interactions with healthcare providers, and family support.