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snow companies roundtable

Meeting patients where they are

Pharma marketers and seasoned industry experts discussed the right time and the right way to engage with patients at MM&M and Snow Companies’ recent roundtable discussion in Boston.
michelle fingerpaint

How can pharma demonstrate value to patients?

Is drug transparency an opportunity for pharma? In this next edition of MM&M’s Spotlight series, Fingerpaint’s Michelle Petroff discusses how drug transparency can help pharma demonstrate value to patients.
Tracy Doyle

Time to reimagine engagement

How to offset declining access to physicians? Tracy Doyle, managing partner, engagement transformation, explains eNOVA’s vision for 2019: One platform that integrates technologies—from speaker bureaus to virtual and digital engagement tools—to strategically deliver coveted content across the healthcare ecosystem.

Emerging market trends shape hub/market access

How are developments in drug price transparency, value-based care and consumerism shaping hub/market access? A quartet of industry experts distill these emerging market trends in this latest video from MM&M’s Spotlight series, sponsored by TrialCard.
Aptus Health

Machine learning for real-world engagement

Aptus Health is leveraging artificial intelligence to provide its clients with a deeper understanding of how HCPs consume data to better equip them to reach, engage with and influence this critical cohort.

Bringing value to the HCP

How can healthcare marketers deliver value when engaging with physicians? To start, find the intersection points for the pharma brand and the HCP, says Lorna Weir, founding partner of Elevate Healthcare.


Roundtable: Social centricity in oncology

Industry leaders discussed why a social-centric approach is especially important in oncology, particularly as it relates to health systems, interactions with healthcare providers, and family support.