Halle Tecco

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Illustration credit: A.E. Kieren

Halle Tecco, Managing director, Rock Health

Rock Health does not view itself as a health-tech kingmaker. Indeed, by all accounts the company's ego exists in inverse proportion to its influence. At the same time, there's no denying it: Rock Health interest and/or involvement can elevate an obscure start-up into a hot property overnight. Don't buy it? Compare the before/after press mentions of 1DocWay once Rock Health made known its investment in the telepsychiatry start-up.

As one of the fund's founders and head of its East Coast office, Tecco earns high marks from her peers for both her big-picture vision and her attention to detail. Similarly, Tecco, who previously held finance and development jobs at Apple and Intel, is credited with forging and nurturing many of Rock Health's most fruitful collaborations and overseeing its strategic direction. She's also one of the industry's most articulate voices, especially when it comes to calling attention to the underrepresentation of women within the health-tech entrepreneur community.

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