AIA launches website for global patient offerings

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Atkins International Associates (AIA) launched a multifaceted life sciences website for marketers communicating to patients across the globe.

According to Molly Naughton, vice president at AIA, the company uses translators working from a campaign's target country, including physicians and advertising specialists, to position brands within a precise cultural context.

With larger pharmas like Merck and Johnson & Johnson, many times the creative agency has already decided how to position a particular product, but may need language services, images and layout, for example, said Naughton.

For smaller biotechs and orphan drug manufacturers unwilling to spend the money on preliminary global materials from an agency, AIA offers full-service capabilities, said Naughton.    

The new AIA website launched on August 17, and offers a suite of service offerings including clinical trials and patient recruitment, marketing research, disease awareness, e-marketing and other offerings. In June, the firm launched a YouTube video explaining the finer points of working with an agency for global messaging.
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