SequenceDoc portal to deliver custom journals for docs

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Custom media provider Sequence Personal, and CMI, have partnered to create SequenceDoc, a portal for physicians offering tailored medical content served up as an on-demand print journal, or as a digital download.

Access to the portal is restricted to “15,000 to 20,000” physicians representing a cross-section of CMI's pharma advertisers. Those 45 pharma advertisers, according to Bob Girondi, CMI's EVP, marketing and research, have exclusive dibs on the physicians that use the portal. SequenceDoc will launch on September 7, and will be restricted to the physicians identified by CMI, said Charles Benaiah, Sequence Personal's CEO.        

After logging in to the web portal (, physicians can create a profile based on a specific theme – such as a cardiologist looking for information on lipid management, for example – or a more general practice area. Content selected by a physician can be viewed immediately online, or via mobile devices including the iPad. Additionally, docs can elect to have a personalized print issue mailed to them directly each month; custom printed journals will also incorporate ads placed “in real time,” said Benaiah. Use of portal is free to physicians invited into the service.   

SequenceDoc's content is culled from information published by Sequence Personal, as well as other “large, open access publishers,” said Benaiah, adding that negotiations are under way with other large, traditional publishers as well.   

Benaiah said SequenceDoc will begin offering a “print socialization feature” by the middle of next year, which will allow physicians to have custom print materials sent to primary care doctors or other colleagues. Sequence Personal entered the healthcare vertical in 2009 with the Journal of Medicine, or JMed, which is custom published for individual doctors based on profile interests or their own selection. JMed now has over 250,000 registered and profiled physician users, according to the company website.

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