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Flashpoint Medica

Company Profile

Clients continually comment on Flashpoint's rigorous investigative approach, our ability to package science effectively, and our ability to communicate a brand's promise in unique and memorable ways. This has been our hallmark and the impetus for our company name: We are experts at discovering the “flashpoint”—the key driving insight that fuels a brand's growth. We specialize in understanding how to ignite experiences with customers—in person and across screens—which they in turn share with their extended networks of peers.

So what makes Flashpoint unique?

  • We are a multichannel agency focused on specialty care (oncology, rheumatology, immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, and rare diseases), offering powerhouse strategic, creative, digital, and medical expertise
  • We employ fully integrated, cross-disciplined teams to develop strategically based programming for building brands. Our in-house staff includes specialists in mobile and tablet platforms, health gaming, social media, nonpersonal promotion media, experiential events, and metrics and analytics
  • We are at the forefront of digital trendsetting. We have been selected by technology leaders, such as Adobe, to champion new cutting-edge offerings that create and distribute digital content more quickly and cost effectively across multiple mobile screens
  • We have expertise in enhancing physician/patient relationships and are one of the first healthcare advertising companies staffed with an on-site community manager who mines social media insights and manages open social media platforms
  • We are leading the charge to develop and disseminate rich media content with which to engage across an array of nonpersonal promotion channels, including medical journal tablet ­media
  • We are an award-winning agency with 40 creative awards in 2011-2012

Core offerings

  • Community management
  • CRM
  • Digital strategy
  • Interactive convention experiences
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Mobile
  • Nonpersonal promotion
  • Social media listening and platform ­development
  • Tablet detailing and publishing*
  • Websites

*Flashpoint is a certified Veeva and Adobe Digital Publishing partner


Address: 158 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 917-472-2321
Email: nicole.johnson@flashpointmedica.com
Online Connections: www.flashpointmedica.com, @flashpointny
Year Founded: 2005
Holding Company: Omnicom
• Rx Club Gold Award: Informationaboutcancer.com
• MM&M Gold Finalist: Informationaboutcancer.com
• Rx Club Award of Excellence: Tumorescape.com
• Rx Club Award of Excellence: Educational Video—The Importance of HER2 Testing
• Rx Club Award of Excellence: ShortBowelSupport.com
Clients: Acorda, Crescendo Bioscience, Geistlich Biomaterials, Genentech, Gilead, LifeBankUSA, Novartis, ProStrakan, Supernus

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