April 2006 Issue of MMM

April 2006 Issue of MMM

April 2006


PERQ Journal Ad Review: Deep Freeze

For medical/surgical journals, 2005 was another long, hard year. PERQ/HCI's Eugene M. May reports on the biggest advertisers and most advertised products and categories

The Science of DTC

Pharma once again has a spring in its step about consumer campaigns. Only this time, beaches and bold efficacy claims have been replaced by lab ...

Just What the Patient Ordered

With thorough evaluation of brand and audience, direct-to-patient marketing can offer far better returns than DTC, says Richard Blocki of AbelsonTaylor

Allergy Alarm

What with seasonal demand, over-the-counter switches, the battle between pills and nasal sprays, and a slew of patent expirations, the allergies therapeutic category is complex ...

Clash of Civilizations

If the recent special communication published in JAMA by a disaffected group of Ivory Tower physicians is any indication, we don't have to travel to ...

3D: The extra dimension

Advances in 3D graphic imaging are revolutionizing how scientific data is communicated.

Partner Forum

Are pharma PRs helpful, reliable?

Local and national reporters assigned to the healthcare beat are asking questions about new drugs, the FDA, Medicare and the avian flu. Are pharma PRs ...


Web Watch

Physicians are warming up to the idea that having an online dialogue with their patients can actually save time, improve patient care and extend their ...

Drug e-marketers must shake their fear of blogs

Pharmaceutical e-marketers shouldn't let fear stand in the way of using blogs and other user-generated content forums as a way to boost their ROI, according ...

About.com adds broadband streaming

Consumer Web portal About.com has added free broadband programming to its Health channel, in part to provide marketers with a contextual advertising opportunity for TV ...

Public Relations

PR View by Beth Herskovits

PhRMA recently launched an advertising campaign to tout the "value of innovation" and to direct audiences to its Innovation.org Web site.

Back Talk

Beware conventional wisdom

A year ago, conventional wisdom proclaimed that the dollar would continue to decline.