A storyteller and commercial strategist, Hilary Graham is passionate about understanding what drives her customers. At Luminex, she heads up content and product marketing for the company’s xMAP technology, which delivers multiplexed assay capabilities. 

Before joining Luminex, Graham held a variety of commercial and technical roles, starting as the coordinator of department publications at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in the Department of Molecular Carcinogenesis. 

From there, Graham was recruited to become a program manager at the Institute for Applied Cancer Science, where she worked on public relations and philanthropic communications, after which she took a medical writer position at INC Research (now Syneos Health). At INC, Graham was promoted to director of business development, a role in which she cultivated new opportunities for the company in Texas and California’s biotech sectors. 

Graham joined Luminex in 2016 as senior manager of scientific marketing. Since then, she’s accomplished a lot at the company. Her most viral contribution: a parody video, named Multiplex Star, in which she informs viewers about the benefits of xMAP-based multiplexing for biomarker analysis as compared to ELISA or Western Blot techniques. The video received roughly 75,000 views, making it the most-watched video in the Luminex portfolio.

“Hilary is an exemplar of a practitioner scholar,” said Tom DesRoches, Luminex’s VP of licensed technologies. “She is committed to being the best at her craft and elevating those around her.”