What’s the most distinct aspect of your personal office? 

I have a sign that sits on my desk that inspires me when things get stressful. It says, “if you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” It uplifts me and helps me stay focused on the many patients we want to reach through impactful public relations. 
Average number of days spent on the road per year? 
I travel a fair amount to see clients or for new business pitches. Meditation and yoga are key to staying sane in any situation.  
Average number of meetings per day? 
Depending on client needs, I can have between two to five meetings a day. I manage my schedule by taking breaks between meetings and ensuring that I build in “think time” during the day. 
Commute difficulty on a scale of one to 10?
This varies depending on whether I work out of my home office or visit clients. I am fortunate to live in New Jersey where it’s easy to get into New York or Philadelphia if the situation warrants. 
Average wake up time on a weekday?
I wake up at 5 a.m. daily. The first site I check is Google News to see what has transpired overnight. 
If you weren’t working in healthcare marketing, you’d be…
Helping children with cleft. 
Best tip for putting work away in the evening or on the weekend?
Take a brisk walk or find a quiet spot in your local park and read. 
I have two mentors. The first is Thad Huston, CFO of LivaNova. He has taught me so much about healthcare and about life. The second is Christine Barney, CEO and Managing Partner of rbb Communications, one of the most intelligent and caring leaders I have ever known. 
What book are you in the middle of? 
12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson