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Rick Lang, SVP, innovation

Razorfish Health is unique among the roster of the largest healthcare agencies. Here’s why.

At Razorfish Health, we know what it takes to navigate the modern healthcare landscape. We were one of the very first digital agencies more than two decades ago, and we have continued to pioneer our agency and team, and we specialize in transforming brands, campaigns and categories every day.

We don’t just navigate for today, we see into the future.

We have a deep bench of credentialed medical scientists, an award-winning creative team, technology experts and an in-house data analytics team allowing us to understand the insights driving physicians, payers and patients and to create ideas that help transform our clients’ brands. 

We have offices in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and London with over 300 colleagues, serving a broad base of clients including seven of the top 10 pharma companies, as well as OTC, biotech, health systems and hospitals. 

In a sea of same, we swim differently. Our people are unique. Our perspectives are unique. Our employees are proud to be a Razorfish.

Services and Offerings 

Razorfish Health is a modern full-service health and wellness agency that works harder, thinks smarter and goes deeper to uncover the basic human truths that will help your brand be a success. For brands to truly connect with healthcare customers, we have to continue to elevate and innovate the modern healthcare experience. The old playbook of healthcare marketing no longer applies. We deeply understand that the practice — and practitioners — of modern medicine are changing. Our strategic insights, unrivaled expertise across technology platforms and flawless creative execution revolutionizes typical healthcare marketing. 

We embrace big strategic challenges such as launches, market expansion, challenger brands, end-of-life cycle, new indication/data and black box. We are brave enough to be bold, but thoughtful in partnership. 

We have integrity in our work, in our actions and in all the things that make us who we are. We create truly personalized customer experiences across the modern healthcare ecosystem. Our work spans across pharma, biotech, health systems and hospitals.

What are the game-changing ideas that didn’t come to pass in 2019 that will prove transformative in 2020?

“Even though tech continues to exponentially evolve, many virtual promises have under-
whelmed due to seemingly archaic connectivity. This is the year of 5G and this advancement will revolutionize the industry. From seamless communications (think multi-user video conferencing with no drops) to real-time, predictive and actionable diagnostic monitoring, the exponential tech curve will near perpendicular as 5G becomes the norm.” — Rick Lang, SVP, innovation

Fast Facts

Address: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, London

Phone: 212-771-5470  Email: [email protected]

Website: https://razorfish.health/

Year Founded: 1996  Employees: 300+

Holding Company: Publicis Groupe/Publicis Health 

Sample Clients: Serving a broad base of clients including seven of the top 10 pharma companies

New Business Contact: David Paragamian, president, Razorfish Health, 267-337-3572, [email protected]