The Biden administration has unveiled new guidance requiring private health insurers to reimburse people for at-home COVID-19 tests. The plan would provide for up to eight tests per person per month. (Politico)

Amgen and Arrakis Therapeutics are partnering to develop “targeted RNA degraders,” a new class of oral drugs that aim to stop disease-causing proteins. Amgen will pay Arrakis $75 million for five initial programs. (STAT)

Pfizer has inked a $1 billion-plus deal with Dren Bio to develop one of Dren’s oncology drug candidates toward two solid tumor targets. Pfizer will also be able to choose more targets in the future. (Endpoints News)

A man has received a heart transplant from a genetically modified pig, representing the first time an organ from a pig hasn’t been rejected by the human body. Scientists hope it will be the start of a new wave of transplants that help alleviate the acute shortage of organs. (The New York Times)

Hospitals are cutting capacity as more healthcare workers are sidelined with COVID-19. Limited capacity can result in patients waiting longer in emergency rooms as well as delayed ambulances and postponed treatments for chronic cancers. (The Wall Street Journal)