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Cooties Catcher (Purell)

Judges thought this campaign to help schoolchildren keep their hands clean was brilliant, innovative, and exceptionally well executed.

It started with a classroom experiment that gave Brooklyn, New York, first graders a tactile and visual experience of the germs on their hands. A microsite extends the experience to other students, parents, teachers, and school nurses worldwide.

“This was a great experiential concept executed digitally,” said one judge.

Microbiologist Tasha Strum and local educators developed a lesson for the classroom experiment that addresses the invisible but invasive nature of the germs on our hands. Then students got to put their hands in sterile petri dishes dubbed “Cooties Catchers,” which were sent to a lab to incubate for two weeks.

Photos of the resulting bacteria-ridden handprints in the Cooties Catchers were revealed to the Brooklyn students during a second lesson about how to most effectively wash their hands.

The microsite, which launched on Global Handwashing Day, features a video of the experiment and numerous educational resources developed in collaboration with the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing.

The campaign helped decrease the number of school days lost to illness.


The Bloc

Caregivers Speak Up

This pro bono effort from The Bloc is an integrated social platform allowing caregivers to connect and be heard. It includes a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed. Videos, including a feature-length documentary, have gotten 500,000-plus views. Social reach topped 3 million.

Judges applauded Caregivers Speak Up’s idea, execution, and results.


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Cooties Catcher (Purell)

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