Area 23
Agency Love Quiz

Judges admired this fun, creative compatibility quiz Area 23 developed to help recruit and vet prospective employees. “It’s unique and a great way to attract talent,” said one judge.

Indeed, within just a few weeks 700 employees from other agencies had completed the quiz. “This was a very original and innovative campaign with good creative execution and outstanding results,” another judge noted.

Both the visual style and carefully curated Q&A choices are highly engaging. For example, one of the answer choices to a question about managing versus servicing clients includes the line “and for a nickel, I’ll clean your windshield.”

People who chose enough answers that were aligned to the values and attitude Area 23 is looking for were encouraged to share their contact info and apply for one of the agency’s 45 open positions. People who chose answers not aligned to Area 23’s ethos were redirected to competitor agencies’ websites and encouraged to apply there.

“Clever copy, good insight, and strong originality,” said a third judge.

All judges agreed the quiz was different from other agencies’ homogenous recruiting efforts, and thought it was very well aligned to Area 23’s brand identity and culture.

More than 250 people who completed the quiz were invited to share their contact info with Area 23.

Of those vetted and interested applicants, 14 were interviewed and hired to fill positions spanning group art supervisor, engagement strategist, account director, and associate creative director.


Area 23
Agency Love Quiz

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