Horizon Pharma and Closerlook for Krystexxa
The aggNET Interactive Visual Aid

Judges were impressed by how well this dynamic animated aid met the challenge of presenting new research findings on Krystexxa to get doctors to rethink how they treat gout patients.

“The graphics are great, and it appears easy to use with good navigation and interactive opportunities,” said one judge.

“It provides sales reps with a very flexible and engaging vehicle,” noted another.

Indeed, the app was developed as its own piece within Veeva CRM so it’s easily accessible. Just one tap allows reps to move between animated arcs that are most relevant to individual HCPs.

Though the content is highly scientific, the delivery is simple and elegant. Judges described the look as fresh with easy-to-understand language and visuals. One judge was particularly impressed by the technical execution, which included the creation of custom 3-D models that were manipulated using WebGL and other technologies.

An agency representative explained that a 3-D model and WebGL technology allowed for an authentic, organic representation of key steps in the gout progression process.

In terms of results, the sales force gets through the entire experience with target HCPs about 50% of the time, which surpassed expectations based on research on rheumatologists’ receptivity to hearing new messages about gout.

The team also reported positive anecdotal feedback from HCPs, including requests to use the aid to convey urgency, treat patients, and help educate ER and PCP physicians. As a result of the aid’s success, Horizon has expanded educational efforts to include a web-based platform.


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Horizon Pharma and Closerlook for Krystexxa
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