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MM&M KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) White Paper, a free e-newsletter giving readers an opportunity to benefit from the insights, knowledge and experience of key opinion leaders in the industry.

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MM&M News Brief delivers up-to-the-minute news alerts, stories and analysis to the healthcare marketing and communications sector, four days a week. News topics will span the full spectrum of MM&M’s coverage.

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MM&M Sponsored Promotion provides over 70,000 healthcare manufacturing professionals, including key decision-makers within pharma, biotech and medical device manufacturing, with timely updates on New Product Launches, Webcasts, Conferences & Events, Special Announcements and more.

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Like to go deep on healthcare-marketing subjects? MM&M Spotlight On delves into individual areas (e.g., point-of-care marketing, oncology). Curated by our editorial team, each installment includes a list of stories and analysis, data and commentary designed to bring you up to speed and satisfy your desire for depth (Note: This is a sponsored newsletter. Topics to vary depending on sponsorship. All linked selections chosen by MM&M editors).

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MM&M Weekly Digest offers a roundup of the week’s big stories, people moves and notable developments in healthcare marketing, along with links to special reports and useful information from MM&M.

The Splash from MM&M

The Splash from MM&M - monthly feature article emailed out to subscribers highlighting the feature article i.e. MM&M All Stars, Patient Marketing Report, etc. The concept is a “newsletter that presents the cover story each month with a bit of text directing readers to the site”. It would carry display advertising and a text ad.