October 01, 2015 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: October 01, 2015

Back Talk: Don’t Get Mad—Get Even!

Back Talk.pdf It’s frightening to see how many people are risking their reputations, careers and friendships by e-ranting. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Someone sends you an annoying e-mail and before you know it, you’ve rattled off a blistering reply. Or someone forwards an offensive joke (at least it’s offensive to you) and…

Private View: Doug Chapman

Private View.pdf I love marketing that stops me, grabs me by the lapels and makes me want to spend time with a brand. I’ve held workshops with clients at which they thumb through magazines, flagging ads they liked and others they didn’t. At most, an ad made a good impression; at the very least, it…

At Work With . . . Catherine Goss

What was your big break? In college I participated in a national competition through the American Advertising Federation. As a result I won an internship at an agency in NYC. That internship quickly turned into a job, which put my career on the fast track.  What’s the best and/or worst part of your job? There…

Therapeutic Focus: Vaccines

Vaccines are in vogue and practically taunting pharma with the potential of blockbuster price tags. But while big companies reign in the sector—largely due to cost- and resource-related barriers of entry—a handful of smaller players are taking a stab at creating vaccines for a narrowing field of unmet diseases, like RSV and C. diff. Rebecca Mayer Knutsen reports

Non-Personal Promotion: Pitchers of Records

For all the talk about EHRs and their eventual point-of-care ubiquity, skeptics remain. Will EHR platforms ever become penetrable enough for pharma to consider them as an integral part of the non-personal promotion tool kit? James Chase reports

Cloud Marketing: Faces in the Cloud

As the need for more informed conversations with KOLs has grown, so too has the role of medical science liaisons. But as they attempt to bolster trust and familiarity with those audiences, MSLs are challenged by the volume of personalized information they need at their disposal to engage in a meaningful way. Enter—what else?—the cloud. Veeva Systems’ Robert Groebel explains