July 2010 Issue of MMM

July 2010 Issue of MMM

July 2010

Editor's Desk

Why do we do it this way?

Welcome to the big, fat July issue, featuring our extensive annual coverage of healthcare agencies.


The Top 75: AbelsonTaylor

Independent shop stays afloat with 4-5% growth, 16 new brands under its belt

The Top 75: AgencyRx

After merge with sibling Lab9, losing largest account, shop ends year up

The Top 75: Area 23

Three-year-old shop strikes gold with global and high-science launches

The Top 75: Beacon Healthcare Communications

Shop's three-pronged approach was expanded to five, resulting in some gains

The Top 75: Blue Diesel

Shop finds opportunities in tough times, building on its AOR business

The Top 75: Cadient Group

New business model, expanded digital offerings sets up firm for the future

The Top 75: Cambridge BioMarketing

Bringing digital firm in-house sets smallish shop on the path to growth

The Top 75: CDM Princeton

Decade-old shop dug out of 2009's hole and started this year off right

The Top 75: CDMiConnect

Digital shop evolves into 'experience agency' with multichannel projects

The Top 75: The CementBloc

After an unsettling year, four distinct firms were bonded back together

The Top 75: Centron

Six-year-old shop grows in the double digits, hopes to break $20 million mark

The Top 75: Cline Davis & Mann

Powerhouse firm expands globally and locally with staff, new assignments

The Top 75: closerlook

Narrowed healthcare focus helped mostly interactive firm land 20 wins

The Top 75: CommonHealth

WPP shop had 'best year ever' post-consolidation, revamped traditional offerings

The Top 75: Concentric

International growth, explosive ROI propelled shop into strong first quarter

The Top 75: Corbett Worldwide Healthcare

The year brings a mixed bag of wins, losses and a big launch

The Top 75: Core-Create/Brandkarma

Consolidation under one umbrella leads to shared resources with 37% growth

The Top 75: Digitas Health

Digital shop's growth continues to explode with 11 new accounts

The Top 75: Draftfcb Healthcare

An award-winning year was capped off by double-digit growth and 10 new accounts

The Top 75: Dudnyk

Product launches, new biz for smaller firms help shop retain bold reputation

The Top 75: echo Torre Lazur

Agency rallies under new president and strategic team, achieves record year

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life 4D

Firm finished first year having doubled in size, on track for continued growth

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life Catapult

Organic wins, diversifying efforts pay off with overall growth for conflict shop

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life LM&P

With almost three decades in the biz, shop continues building and growing

The Top 75: Euro RSCG Life MetaMax

Euro's largest firm stays on course for 'robust' growth with strong organic wins

The Top 75: Eveo

Independent digital shop experiences explosive growth in award-winning year

The Top 75: evoke interaction

Tough economic year spawned positive changes for growing firm

The Top 75: Flashpoint Medica

Firm had double-digit growth and landed AOR assignments in 'energizing year'

The Top 75: G&A Healthcare Communications

Acquisition of digital shop helps boost firm's revenue into the double digits

The Top 75: ghg

Expanded offerings and a foray into mobile health boost firm's growth

The Top 75: Giant Creative/Strategy

Firm continues to get bigger, adding new business while growing organically

The Top 75: GSW Worldwide

'Crisis year' nets powerhouse agency new accounts, larger global footprint

The Top 75: Harrison & Star Business Group

A year of highs and lows was capped off by significant wins from Genentech

The Top 75: HC&B Healthcare Communications

Huge first-quarter gains, new business help Texas shop shine in bleak year

The Top 75: Health4Brands Chelsea

Euro firm spins off as Havas conflict shop, sets sights on global market

The Top 75: HealthEd Group

Educational shop launching online programs, lands work from Big Pharma

The Top 75: Heartbeat Digital

Firm looks to increase its service offerings, break away from digital title

The Top 75: ICC

Overall company growth and non-pitch wins fuel double-digit upswing in revenue

The Top 75: Ignite Health

Digital shop restructures at executive level, expands from coast to coast

The Top 75: IMC2 Health & Wellness

Shop trying to stay 'healthy' with disease awareness programs, managed care

The Top 75: Interlink Healthcare Communications

Organic growth, thriving med ed division help firm overcome its rebuilding year

The Top 75: Intouch Solutions

Firm sees explosive growth with 61% boost in revenue, 62 new hires

The Top 75: Iomedia

'Next-generation digital agency' added five new accounts to its roster in 2009

The Top 75: Juice Pharma Worldwide

'Idea partner' had an award-winning year, continues challenging status quo

The Top 75: Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications

Slow and steady growth helped San Francisco firm stay above the red line

The Top 75: LehmanMillet

An impressive number of wins came in for firm during an otherwise 'flat' year

The Top 75: LyonHeart

Customer survey gave firm new insight into clients' needs, fuels new direction

The Top 75: McCann HumanCare

After a flat '09, DTC shop blends CRM, media offerings with consumer sibs

The Top 75: Medicus Life Brands

Agency places big bet on social media but sees some budgets cut

The Top 75: MedThink Communications

Relatively new shop finds its footing with AOR work, product launches

The Top 75: MicroMass Communications

Shop broadens roster with non-pharma accounts, predicting winning year

The Top 75: Natrel Communications

Creative overhaul nets agency 15 new brands, pushing revenue to $15 million

The Top 75: The Navicor Group

After a 'holding year,' revenue is trending up, new business rolling in

The Top 75: nitrogen

Firm working to live up to its 'dynamic and explosive' name by looking globally

The Top 75: Ogilvy Healthworld

Agency snares second big consolidation in two years, retools for healthcare's future

The Top 75: Pace

Midsize shop sees big-time J&J win, but growth still challenging

The Top 75: Pacific Communications

Frugal firm saw revenue hit an upswing after careful preparation in 2009

The Top 75: Palio

Interactive agency partnership proves fruitful in an otherwise bumpy year

The Top 75: Partners + simons

Firm stayed afloat by retaining clients, utilizing healthcare reform expertise

The Top 75: Purohit Navigation

Brand recognition leads to an award-winning year for nearly 25-year-old firm

The Top 75: Razorfish Health

New standalone amps up professional marketing and digital offerings

The Top 75: RCW Group

Retooled agency lands 15 brands, hopes to build off '09 investments

The Top 75: RevHealth

Four-year-old agency finds luck with new name, divisions and project work

The Top 75: Rosetta Healthcare

Powerhouse agency acquires Wishbone, grows organically with Big Pharma clients

The Top 75: Roska Healthcare Advertising

Nearing its 30th anniversary, shop looks to the future in terms of handling growth

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Advertising

Record gains, 26 new assignments help firm overcome difficult economic year

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations

Saatchi's PA outpost sees a solid year, despite mergers at two key clients

The Top 75: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Consumer firm stays 'positive' with big brands, more proactive health work

The Top 75: Sudler & Hennessey

Firm puts collaboration with clients, digital skills at the forefront of operations

The Top 75: Surge Worldwide Healthcare Communications

Cardio karma helps agency bag two CV wins, retain Vytorin/Zetia accounts

The Top 75: Topin & Associates

'Flexible' shop provides strategy to its clients, grows at a steady pace

The Top 75: Torre Lazur McCann

Fast-acting agency pounces on work from GSK, Novartis and Jazz

The Top 75: Vox Medica

New business model wins over clients, brings in AOR and project work for firm

The Top 75: Williams-Labadie

Small wins and increased digital work holds Chicago agency together

The Top 75: Wishbone/ITP

Shop meets goal of enhancing digital offerings by being acquired by Rosetta


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