Klick Group is taking a deeper dive into end-to-end commercialization and has named Brian Fox as president, the company announced Thursday.

Fox joins from McKinsey & Company, where he spent 18 years leading the commercial practice in life sciences.

At McKinsey, Fox focused on helping life sciences companies build up profitability through areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning in precision marketing. He also served on Google’s Healthcare Advisory Board for more than a decade.

“One of the things that we’re always trying to do is build a center of gravity for brilliant people, and there’s really no leader in our space that has been more of a trusted advisor to some of the most iconic brands in our industry [than Brian],” Leerom Segal, co-founder and chairman at Klick, said. “What’s always inspired us [about] Brian, is the degree to which he’s able to solve these commercialization problems in the real world — and I think he’s the best in the business at that.”

Part of the impetus to bring Fox onto the leadership team, Segal noted, was seeing Klick’s ecosystem expand outside traditional agency and marketing services into being an end-to-end commercialization partner for clients. Naming Fox as president will help the agency double down on that, he noted.

“You’ve seen us invest a lot in the areas of technology enablement for these brands,” Segal said. “You’ve seen us turbocharge our media capability. You’ve seen us push into global. This is the next piece of the puzzle.”

Fox plans to bring new capabilities to the agency — including in medical affairs strategy, market access, sales force planning and elements of clinical development.

“I’ll be helping Klick to expand into those areas,” Fox said. “There’s a lot of opportunity to go much deeper and have much broader impact with our clients.”

Fox also emphasized the importance of an integrated approach to commercialization.

“The best brands in the industry are not looking at any one of those different disciplines independently anymore,” he explained. “They’re looking at those as complementary aspects in an integrated go-to-market model. By bringing those together at Klick, we can have a fundamentally more effective way of commercializing products and getting those products in the hands of patients and physicians.”

The new hire comes several months after Klick Health made a suite of new additions to its leadership team as part of its global expansion. Those hires included Jennifer Lambert as managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa and Roberta Raduan as managing director of Latin America. The team also hired Michael Becker as chief financial officer at Klick Group.In August 2022, Klick Health also launched its Studio K production facility and Klick Brands.