An organ donation awareness campaign is combining messages to stay home during the pandemic with its effort to encourage people to be organ donors.

The project, called Heart at Home, launched as the U.K. changed its organ donation system to an opt-out policy, a switch from its previous opt-in policy. U.K. residents will now automatically be organ donors unless they opt out.

It’s also encouraging people in the U.K. to stay home, get creative and to talk about their organ donation decision. The effort is supporting people who have received organ transplants with the stay home message because these people are some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Heart at Home was created by Awesonova and supported by Blue Latitude Health. It was also run in partnership with the NHS and donation organizations. The project asked artists all over the U.K. and the world to create their take on the tagline, “Home is where the heart is.”

The campaign art is on the Heart at Home website, where visitors are encouraged to download and share their favorite artwork. See some of the creative work below.