Lilly and Disney said that their custom books for children and families with type 1 diabetes—previously distributed only through doctor’s offices—are now available online.

Partners since 2011, Disney Publishing Worldwide and Lilly Diabetes created special materials for type 1 families, including a series of custom books for children of various ages and stages, and an online hub on Disney’s, later changed to Earlier this year, the partners decided to expand the books internationally.

Their latest move, to digitize the content, was spurred by a meeting with the online diabetes community last May, a spokesperson told MM&M. At the meeting, parents of patients with type 1 diabetes gave the company feedback on the books.

That is, while free, the books had previously only been distributed through pediatric endocrinologists’ offices. Many caregivers, bloggers said, access treatment through a pediatrician or adult primary care doctor.

The books, which cover real-life issues like participating in sporting activities and attending social events, feature one with the Disney character Coco, a monkey with type 1 diabetes, and two stories from Disney’s ESPN brand aimed at tweens.

For young readers, Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day follows the exploits of Coco with Mickey Mouse and friends. A read-along audio version of the book is also available online.

All of the online versions are accessible at the site and are viewable on desktop or tablet, featuring responsive design for uniform viewing across devices, Lilly and Disney stated in an announcement earlier this month, adding that more digital books will be made available in coming months. contains articles, videos and advice from caregivers, including two mothers raising children with type 1 diabetes, and is updated monthly.

Type 1 diabetes affects more than 13,000 young people in the US each year, Lilly said.