Over the course of the pandemic, there’s been an assumption that parents want the same things for their children: to keep them physically safe, socially connected, emotionally resilient and intellectually engaged. Regardless of the state of the country’s political disunion, most of us assume we’re on the same page with our neighbors when it comes to the welfare of our little ones.

Alas, as with most circa-2022 assumptions, this one proved off -base even in the context of an innocuous question: How worried are you that your child will become seriously ill from COVID-19? When the Kaiser Family Foundation posed it in a random telephone poll of 1,536 parents in January, divisions along the lines of race/ethnicity, household income and parental vaccination status revealed themselves once anew.

Two years into the pandemic, none of these divisions should surprise us. Yet they still do, and probably will for years to come.

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