After the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, public health officials recommended social distancing in an effort to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases. Social distancing — avoiding large gatherings, staying six feet away from other individuals and limiting your time in public — is one way to help flatten the curve so that the rate of infection does not continue to rise. By flattening the curve, we can help prevent healthcare facilities and healthcare providers from being overwhelmed. 

We’re calling on the industry to create campaigns that demonstrate the importance of social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve. The goal is to convince the public that we must all adhere to this practice to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

Click here to submit your campaign. MM&M will select campaigns to share on the site and socially.

There is no deadline for this initiative, but the sooner we spread the word, the better. This is also not a competition, but rather an attempt to reach a wide audience to emphasize the need for everyone to engage in social distancing now. Keep reading for more details on types of assets that can be submitted and for the rules and guidelines for this initiative.

Submission Options:

1. Single JPEG

  • No specific dimensions
  • Can be a single jpeg that contains multiple versions of a creative campaign such as a subway ad, next to a digital campaign, next to a page of an eBook, etc. See past initiatives linked below for examples of how this was done.
  • Should include a caption
  • No PDFs

2. YouTube Video

  • Can be any length
  • Should be public, not private or scheduled
  • Do not need to include a jpeg cover, just a YouTube URL and caption

3. Instagram Post

  • Submit URL of an Instagram post
  • Can be an Instagram post including a video, one jpeg, or a slideshow
  • If you have multiple images you would like to display separately in your submission, this can only be done by submitting a slideshow Instagram URL in the “Instagram Video” section of the form.

Rules and Guidelines

  • The name entered in the submission will display with the creative. If you want a certain person, team, or company to receive credit for the submission, please include it there. If you are submitting for someone else/the company as a whole, don’t include your name as it will display with the submission to the public.
  • There are no specific dimensions for jpeg posts.
  • You cannot submit a Vimeo link, only a YouTube link for videos.
  • Videos can be any length.
  • All submissions should include a caption. Captions are not limited by a certain number of characters. Captions can include links to websites, videos, social posts, etc, but the links will not be clickable. 
  • PDFs will not be accepted.
  • For examples of submissions that adhere to these rules: #ConvinceMeToVax, #InspireTheEnd, #YouAreNotAlone