September 01, 2014 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: September 01, 2014

Private View: Visual Storytelling

Private View: Visual Storytelling

What good is information, if it forgoes the emotion that moves people to take action? Enter visual storytelling—an emerging art form designed to conjure up narratives through stirring imagery and simple messaging.

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Women's Health

Therapeutic Focus 2014: Women’s Health

To see what’s new in the women’s health market, it might be necessary to take a look back. The return of the IUD is just one comeback shaping the future of a field that has never been a stranger to controversy. Noah Pines reports on the latest developments in this space

Patient Education/Marketing: Keeping Pace with Patients

Patient Education/ Marketing: Keeping Pace with Patients

Welcome to patient education circa 2014: With patient expectations at an all-time high, pharma marketers are struggling to keep up in the quest to make meaningful contact with tech-empowered audiences. But a few savvy companies seem to have cracked the communication code, moving to the forefront of this movement. Larry Dobrow reports

Are discounts cutting out co-pays?

GSK’s decision to cut Advair’s price spurred some PBMs to put it back on formulary. Will drugmaker discounts diminish the need for loyalty programs? How can these programs stay relevant beyond giving co-pay assistance?