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Does account + creative ≠ agency?

Changing pharma demands and the ever-expanding skills of job seekers (tech, UX, search, mobile) have altered agency team structure. How must agency-client relations change to keep to the new model?

Features Private View: Brent Scholz

Private View: Brent Scholz

Brent Scholz is group creative director, Intouch Solutions

Careers At Work With . . .

At Work With . . .

Shane Mayer, VP, client services at InTouch Solutions

Careers Upward Move

Upward Move

Cindy Whitehead, CEO, Sprout Pharmaceuticals

Features Back Talk: Lonely at the top?

Back Talk: Lonely at the top?

Being in charge does not mean that you need to make every decision

Features MM&M Awards—Fields of Gold

MM&M Awards—Fields of Gold

The MM&M Awards 2015 program is officially open for business

Features Men of Agency

Men of Agency

Francis Gace and Dr. H. James Barnum took different paths to the top but each left a lasting mark on the advertising business. Barbara Peck celebrates their legacies

Features Hot Space

Hot Space

Our second annual survey of patients, physicians and payers reveals a significant degree of frustration—on every side—in an around the ever-booming specialty drug segment. Sarah Morgan interprets the results

Features Nothing (Im)personal

Nothing (Im)personal

With unprecedented numbers of practices locking out sales reps, pharma companies are being forced to do a better job of engaging HCPs in other ways

Features Washington Insider: POC Communications

Washington Insider: POC Communications

With POC on the march, the FDA will have to stretch its monitoring efforts to keep up

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