2014 Career & Salary Survey


2013 Career & Salary Survey: Wheel of Fortune

Although job-cut announcements have become a part of daily life in the industry, average salaries have risen to an all-time high. Not only that, job satisfaction is up in pharma. However, this doesn't seem to prevent more people than ever looking to move, finds James Chase


Career & Salary Survey: In Check

Salaries are down,the industry gender gap persists and people have their eyes peeled for better gigs. But job satisfaction remains positive and, compared with other businesses, the pay isn't half-bad. James Chase attempts to make sense of the seeming contradictions


2012 Career & Salary Survey

The 26th MM&M Career & Salary Survey reports that average salaries are slightly outpacing inflation. To get the whole story, download a copy of the full report.


25th Annual Career & Salary Survey

Despite the job cuts that have darkened the pharma job market, top talent will always be in demand—and most respondents to MM&M's 25th Career & Salary Survey seem fairly content. James Chase reports


Career & Salary Survey: Rain Check

Following last year's unprecedented decreases, average salaries have bounced back to 2008 levels. Is the storm finally passing? James Chase reports on the key findings of the Career & Salary Survey 2010


Career & Salary Survey Premium Edition

Featuring hundreds of additional insights on salaries, benefits, motivations, job satisfaction, attitudes, and employment trends in the healthcare marketing sector.


Career & Salary Survey: Down in the Count

The brutal economic landscape is taking its toll on industry paychecks--for the first time in years, MM&M's exclusive research shows a decrease in average salary. Ben Comer looks at the data on pay, job satisfaction and migration


Career & Salary Survey 2007

Pharma companies and agencies are answering the call for bigger paychecks and better working environments as the battle for top talent heats up.

Careers You Have 100 Days To Make An Impact. What Are You Waiting For?

You Have 100 Days To Make An Impact. What Are You Waiting For?

Just landed a new job? You've got 100 days to make an impression. Here are some suggestions.

Careers Upward Move: Christine Petersen

Upward Move: Christine Petersen

Careers At Work With: Dave Mihalovic

At Work With: Dave Mihalovic

Careers At Work With . . .

At Work With . . .

Shane Mayer, VP, client services at InTouch Solutions

Careers Upward Move

Upward Move

Cindy Whitehead, CEO, Sprout Pharmaceuticals


Medical Advertising Hall of Fame taps new members

MAHF 2015 Heritage Ad Awards will be given to campaigns for Bentyl, Hytrin and Navane

Careers At Work With: Jeffrey Wilks

At Work With: Jeffrey Wilks

President, Advertising, inVentiv Health

Careers Upward Move: Ruby Gadelrab

Upward Move: Ruby Gadelrab

Ruby Gadelrab. VP, commercial marketing, 23andMe

Careers Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, November 19

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, November 19

Sanofi vets Takeda, devicemaker CEO candidates; Shaq returns for IcyHot; Royalty Pharma buys royalties on Vertex's Kalydeco.

Careers Upward Move: Jose Rivera

Upward Move: Jose Rivera

Jose Rivera. EVP, account director, Concentric

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