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GSK allegations build in Jordan and Lebanon

GlaxoSmithKline says it is investigating allegations of employee misconduct. The company said in a statement that the allegations have numbers "very similar to those reported by other companies in our sector."

Generic Celebrex is coming

Pfizer and Teva's settlement puts generic Celebrex on the market by December.

Astellas, DOJ settle for $7.3M

Astellas, DOJ settle for $7.3M

Astellas has settled a False Claims case with the Department of Justice over the 2010-2013 marketing of an antifungal medication. Astellas denies the allegations.

Researchers say Tamiflu a waste of money

Complete data sets have prompted researchers to say Tamilflu and Relenza fail at their key reason for being: preventing flu pandemics.

Merck looks poised to challenge Gilead

Merck looks poised to challenge Gilead

Phase-II results indicate Merck's all-in-one HCV oral could put pressure on Gilead.

Halozyme pancreatic drug study on FDA hold

Halozyme pancreatic drug study on FDA hold

The FDA issued an official halt, five days after Halozyme stopped the Phase-II trial because of patient stroke information.

Louisiana sends Takeda $9-billion Actos bill

The drugmaker is accused of burying cancer risks associated with the diabetes medication.

FDA won't review Afrezza until July

The regulator has put off the inhaled insulin's PDUFA date by three months.

Alkermes to submit schizophrenia med this year

Phase-III results prompted the drugmaker to pursue a third-quarter filing.

Sun Pharma to buy Ranbaxy

The announcement will create the fifth largest generics drug maker, reports Reuters.

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